Spring Break

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

As Missadventures has been on hiatus for the week of Spring Break, this week we’ll be welcoming you back with a lovely, poignant collection of Miss’s photography from around the world.

Exhibit A – Vegas Girl:


We’re not sure who this girl is, but she’s having a great New Years…and probably ate a lot of lipstick that night.

Exhibit B – Skippyballen Racing, Amsterdam:


Guess who won 100 euros? …by beating a grade-schooler for first place. This really was a serious race. There were medics on the side tending to an elderly woman who fell off her bouncy ball!

Exhibit C – In Iceland, and honestly I’m not sure:


Guys, I could use some clarification about this “Fartolvur” laptop. What kind of specs are we looking at here?


Oh much better, thank you. Now I know what kind of Peepoogrvcher I can buy to go with it.

Finally, Exhibit D – Bathroom Sectioning.

Okay, so we’ve all been at the bar and had to take our drunk friend to the bathroom, right? The one whose stumbling all over herself while you try to support her walking without getting within vomit range? Yes, we all have that friend. In fact, I accidentally walked in on one of these at the bar last night becuase she left the door unlocked–she actually just smirked at me and waved with toilet paper in her hand.

Anyways, thanks to some modern signage ideas in Amsterdam, you can now go to the regular bathroom and drop your friend off at the “drunk” stall:




Yep, definitely the most inebriated bathroom-stall-lady I’ve ever seen. Clearly she’s just returned from doing a kegstand with some friends at the crazy party over in the men’s room.

Speaking of, it seems like in Amsterdam (or maybe Europe in general), they strategically place the men’s urinals so that they are easily visible from the entrance of the womens’ bathrooms.  There’s nothing as uniquely awkward as running into the guy who was too shy to ask for your number before you left the bar–while he’s zipping up his willy.

Oh, and it’s also awkward if you say goodnight and leave the bar, then realize you forgot your phone, then run into the awkward peeing boy, then realize your phone has been in your friend’s pocket the whole time. Fortunately, there won’t be an accompanying photo for this one.


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